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3 New Engineering Documentation Software Features by Proarc

We recently conducted a webinar on October 15, 2018, that showed how the latest Proarc product release can help companies digitalize technical engineering documentation processes and streamline collaboration between project members. 

Control of Technical & Construction Documents for Projects

Many of us are faced with the challenge of controlling the massive volume of construction documents required as we build today’s MEGA scale projects.

Quick EDMS Engineering Document Management System Deployment

In this blog you will learn how Proarc utilizes strong industry knowledge combined with industry specific templates to quickly deploy an effective engineering document management system. Our on-boarding consultants incorporate this deployment methodology, which we call the “Agile Accelerator Framework”. 

Digitizing Your Technical Documents Enhances Collaboration!

Proarc customers can benefit from newly released capabilities for the control of technical documents. Enhancements cover the review and approval process, collaboration with vendors and clients, and the mobile functionality for field workers.

The Risks Of Outdated Document Control Software!

Certain situations force us to look at the RISK associated with using outdated or ineffective Document Control Software approaches. 

Project Planning for Mission Critical Information Delivery

According to a report published in 2015 by McKinsey research, construction megaprojects have a 98% occurrence rate for time delays and cost overruns. Data indicates an average cost overrun of 80% of the original value and an average slippage of 20 months.

Metadata Based Software Improves Document Organization

Document Organization and Control is at times an overwhelming task. There are many approaches to storing data that have worked well in the past. In today’s highly interactive and collaborative environment we find it is critical to not only manage and store data, but also to provide rapid retrieval, controlled access to documents based on approval levels, and assurance that revision levels are accurate.  

Why Sharepoint Alone Is Not the Answer To EDMS?

In a recent post, we shared an article defining our view of EDMS revealing why it should be important to people and organizations that need more than the minimum feature set of a classical implementation of a DMS. Namely, a software system that is used to track, manage and store documents with a key outcome to reduce the amount of paper in circulation through the move to digital.

What Is EDMS and Why It Matters in Construction Management?

For those unfamiliar with the term EDMS, the DMS in question, according to Wikipedia, is defined as Document Management Software or System.

Cloud Based Document Control Solution for Engineering Data!

I recently presented a webinar showcasing an online document control solution, which offered practical steps to address the age-old challenge of control and management of Engineering Documents. As a result of the following trends these challenges are becoming even more complex:

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