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Tormod Nordgård

Tormod Nordgård

Tormod has extensive experience in the application of Document Control and Management technology, having worked for both software vendors and for clients whose primary business is capital projects. His education is in Computer Science and a Business graduate in Economics.

Recent Posts:

Digitizing Your Technical Documents Enhances Collaboration!

Proarc customers can benefit from newly released capabilities for the control and digitalization of technical documents.

Why Sharepoint Alone Is Not the Answer To EDMS?

In a recent post, we shared an article defining our view of EDMS revealing why it should be important to people and organizations that need more than the minimum feature set of a classical implementation of a DMS.

Cloud Based Document Control Solution for Engineering Data!

I recently presented a webinar showcasing an online document control solution, which offered practical steps to address the age-old challenge of control and management of Engineering Documents.

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