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Digitizing Your Technical Documents Enhances Collaboration!

Proarc customers can benefit from newly released capabilities for the control of technical documents. Enhancements cover the review and approval process, collaboration with vendors and clients, and the mobile functionality for field workers.

Project Control With Collaboration, ProArc Makes Both Possible!

Key insights you will gain from tools:

  • Enhance the review and approval process using significantly improved functionality for commenting handling process
  • Digitize vendor and client documentation review and approvals improving effective and efficient collaboration
  • Enable field workers to access technical documentation, annotate, comment and report with improved Mobile support


Who is this for?

Engineering Managers • Document Controllers • Project Managers

Anyone working with technical documentation in construction & engineering projects looking to streamline documentation processes. Especially for those that interested in the collaboration processes with vendors and clients, review and approval processes, and enabling field workers to do more from mobile devices. 


What will you gain from the newly released enhancements?

  • You will learn to improve the way you manage vendor and client documentation.
  • You will learn to help engineers handle comments more effectively and consolidate more efficiently.
  • Enable field workers to access documentation and processes remotely using mobile access technology.

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Tormod Nordgård
Tormod Nordgård
Tormod has extensive experience in the application of Document Control and Management technology, having worked for both software vendors and for clients whose primary business is capital projects. His education is in Computer Science and a Business graduate in Economics.

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