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The Risks Of Outdated Document Control Software!

Certain situations force us to look at the RISK associated with using outdated or ineffective Document Control Software approaches. 

Do you find yourself in any of these situations?

  • Recovering from the cost of a major document control failure.
  • The arrival of a new client that demands better document control processes.
  • Hiring a new employee that needs training on an antiquated system.

This is when your document control software and processes come under significant scrutiny. Can you convince yourself, and others, that your system will support the accurate and timely delivery of the information required to support the construction schedule.

The Risks Of Outdated Document Control Software!

Organizations typically chose 1 of 2 solution paths

Depending on the maturity of the organization in question the scenario might be categorized two ways:

  1. Considering if the previously used home-grown solution built on MS SharePoint, Access, or Excel is a viable option to scale and support a larger more complex.
  2. Assessing whether adopting the document management module of an incumbent Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) supplied solution is an easier deployment option or lower cost investment

We’ve talked previously about the limitations of SharePoint with respect to the capabilities offered by market leading EDMS providers such as Proarc. Our opinion regarding ERP document management modules is less explicit given the high degree of variability on offer.

We prefer to let the competitors speak for themselves and rather focus on our strengths, but as a simple observation we would pose the following questions:

  • “How many projects have used the ERP document module successfully during construction?”
  • “How many of the implementation team have worked in document control roles on projects?”


Engineering and construction projects are becoming more data centric

In our view the engineering business is classically document focused, albeit moving rapidly to a data centric view, and as Proarc was developed solely to support these processes it is no surprise that hundreds of projects have used our solutions in many engineering companies.

By contrast the risks posed by poor data control cannot be underestimated. Attempting to scale current tools and methods that are underdeveloped or unproven in the context of a large-scale capital project, in the industrial construction market, can have significant consequences such as:

  1. Key employee dependency failure of a home-grown solution built on MS SharePoint, Access or Excel if the key employee leaves the company or is absent on leave.
  2. Tarnished Reputation as assessed by potential clients or partners, if perceived to be outdated, inadequate, or non-compliant with document control best practices.
  3. Inability to cope with engineering changes and complexity of scale while being required to support collaboration with internal and external participants.

The Risks Of Outdated Document Control Software!

Engineering and construction projects present complex challenges 

An engineering business will typically have many projects with various requirements. Having a document control software system in place, with the configurability to satisfy specific requirements like progress planning and collaboration with external parties offers the opportunity for enhanced project execution.  


Control is the ultimate measure of your success

Control is the goal and the ultimate measure of certainty on a construction project. To remove risk, we recommend you replace your outdated document control solution with a system that will provide the following capability:

  • Follow a structured and unified review and approval process using workflows.
  • Simplify the management of commenting using advanced comment handling features.
  • Keep all contributors aware of deadlines and due dates by giving them a personal task list.
  • Take business process automation to the next level using advanced distribution matrices.
  • Integrate external collaboration with your internal processes. All workers use one solution.
  • Use less email, avoid manual steps, and give your external users a tool that they like.
  • Use advanced access rights to ensure external users only have access to what they need.
  • Generate transmittals and deliver directly without manual steps.

Metadata is key and the foundation for every engineering document management system (EDMS). Proarc’s flexibility and configurability is outstanding and the reason why it is so widely used in the engineering and construction business for document control and collaboration.

Examples of the agile configuration are seen in all aspects like repository setup, workflow design and reports. Along with Infrastructure flexibility to support cloud and/or on-premise deployment options removing dependence on information exchange using email and network shared drive folders.

If you’d like to learn more about Proarc, simply hit the following button to view a live recording of a demonstration…

New call-to-actionYou can of course call us or contact us through the website, where we’d welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have on this post.

Vegard Tullut
Vegard Tullut
As senior sales manager of the Proarc solution, Vegard has worked to assist his clients for over 10 years with market-leading document control and management solution to the global oil & gas and engineering market.

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