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Cloud Based Document Control Solution for Engineering Data!

I recently presented a webinar showcasing an online document control solution, which offered practical steps to address the age-old challenge of control and management of Engineering Documents.

As a result of the following trends these challenges are becoming even more complex:

  1. Documentation is getting increasingly data and information driven
  2. Projects demand increased standardization and reuse
  3. Projects need more effective collaboration with external partners dispersed globally

At Proenco AS, we have 30 years of experience enabling our clients to collaborate with complete confidence using the Proarc EDMS document control solution. Now to meet these emerging trends, we are introducing a Cloud hosted solution that can be adopted quickly and economically.

Proarc Online offers capabilities to address what Vela Software believe are the seven Essential Steps of Control required by users of an Engineering Document Management Software.

Cloud Based Document Control


The 7 Steps of Control: 

  • Organize: documentation coding and metadata to industry or client standards
  • Plan: documentation deliveries, milestones, due dates with responsibilities for projects
  • Execute: unified review and approval processes, adaptable to specific client demands
  • Collaborate: less email and more control with external users
  • Track: progress and performance using visual analytics
  • Deliver: package content sent easily to your client on schedule
  • Audit: be ready with who sent what to whom and when

During the live webinar, I demonstrated how Proarc Online provides a document control solution for technical and engineering focused documents. At the same time, I showed standardization of workflows that support re-use and collaboration with internal as well as external business partners.

To view a recording of the webinar just click the link below.

Webinar Video Recording Available for Viewing!

Follow this link to access the video originally broadcast on May 24th, 2018


Answers to The Webinar's Q&A Session

At the end of the webinar during the Q&A, the following questions were surfaced that we felt would be of benefit to all...

"How does Proarc Online Address Security Concerns Regarding The Use Of Hosted Services?"

Answer: Proarc Online is built on Microsoft’s Azure enterprise platform and meets the high-security standards of our customers. As opposed to many other cloud-based solutions where its common for customers to share databases, Proarc Online gives each customer a separate physical database. All documents are encrypted, and two-factor login is also available. In addition, Proarc Online has very strong and flexible access control functionality which adds to the security.  

"How easy is it to configure and make changes to the setup and solution?"

Answer: Proarc Online is highly flexible. Although we have several configuration templates available as standard, each customer can design their own templates for, i.e., data models and coding manuals, workflows, and reports. You can do some things by yourself, and we have a highly experienced service team that helps with that. Having said that we will add more self-service functionality for configuration continuously.

"How long does it take to implement Proarc Online?"

Answer: Proarc Online is a cloud solution, and it is easy to get started. You can get started within a couple days if you use the standard setup with templates for data and workflows. If you want to adjust or customize the setup and migrate documentation, it will take somewhat longer depending upon the data volumes on a case by case.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us through the website form or by leaving comments below.

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Tormod Nordgård
Tormod Nordgård
Tormod has extensive experience in the application of Document Control and Management technology, having worked for both software vendors and for clients whose primary business is capital projects. His education is in Computer Science and a Business graduate in Economics.

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