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2020’s Top Engineering Enterprise Document Management System Features

Is your current Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) providing you with all the features you should expect from modern software?

Check out our list of the top features to look for in a high-performing EDMS and make sure your company employs the right solution for gaining total control of documentation deliveries in engineering & construction projects and asset operations. 

2020’s Top Engineering Enterprise Document Management System Features


The Top Engineering Enterprise Document Management System Features for 2020


Customizable Repositories

Not every project has the same demands and you only want certain documents available to certain segments of your workforce.

With customizable repositories, a modern EDMS can sort files within your program based on who the documents belong to—whether that be an administrative, corporate, contract, or even a human relations contact. A great document management system in 2020 invites you to think big in regard to implementation.


Document Template Uploads

You have some pieces of your next project already put together in Microsoft Office. Rather than recreating these documents for your EDMS, wouldn’t it be nice if they could be uploaded as-is?

Competent management systems are able to validate all document values and create placeholders, which allow you to take the templates created in Microsoft Office and readily use them in your EDMS.

Speaking of Office…


Microsoft Office Integration

It’s such a hassle to go back and forth between Word and Excel files, then back into your EDMS. This is a waste of time and it’s unproductive.

An EDMS built for 2020 should have Office integrated into it, meaning that the work you do in Word and Excel is automatically available in your management system.

Having this already linked to your email then means productivity skyrockets and deadlines are met with time to spare.


Customizable Workflows

Not all document approval processes are the same. Some documents need to be reviewed and commented on internally, between just a few team members before being sent off to the client.

A strong EDMS is built with this understanding so workflows can be customized based on personnel and processes. You can have multiple templates with predefined recipients, rather than having to create an entirely new workflow from scratch for every document.

This saves you time and ensures that the right people are viewing your documents at the right time.


Optimized Search  

As an engineering or construction management professional, you deal with a lot of documents, which means you need the ability to search those documents for critical information. An older EDMS would struggle with this, making it nearly impossible to find the right file without wasting countless hours digging through an infinite list of documents and spreadsheets.

However, in light of the digital revolution, this challenge has been minimized thanks to an EDMS’ capability to perform optimized searches by using specific parameters to restrict certain data.

Whether you’re finding a document by a project number, department, or type, employing a modern EDMS means you can find any given file quickly and efficiently when you use the right keywords.

If your current EDMS fails to provide these essential features or if you’re looking to transition into a modern EDMS for managing technical documentation, take a look at Proarc by Proenco. Your team and your client deserve an EDMS built for 2020.

Check out all these great features mentioned (and more) when you watch our latest promo, which highlights all of the latest solutions in enterprise document management software.

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