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Vela Software Norway AS is now Proenco AS


For more than 30 years, Proarc has served the engineering and construction industry with leading Engineering Document Management Solutions.  Now, our organization has arrived at a new and exciting era:

 "Vela Software Norway AS is now Proenco AS"

While our name is changing, our customers can count on the same quality product and service they have come to rely on.  Our company has, in the past, been part of larger organizations including Software Innovation and Tieto.  In February of 2018, Vela Software Norway AS became a company within Constellation Software.  Now, as an independent company in 2019, we have more room than ever for building our own culture, identity, and path forward.



The company behind Proarc is now Proenco, which stands for:  Projects,  Engineering, Construction and Operations.  As always, Proarc will continue to help our customers reduce the lead time of documentation deliveries in engineering and construction projects and asset operations.   With a new name, a new website and new products on the horizon, Proenco’s future is brighter than ever before.

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Trond Halvorsen
Trond Halvorsen
is head of the Proarc business now named Proenco AS, where for over 13 years he has served and supported the loyal customer base domestically and internationally in a variety of roles.

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Vela Software Norway AS is now Proenco AS