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Scale Your Business With the Right Technical Documentation Software

The world of engineering and construction demands precision.

That precision applies not only to the physical structures being built and managed, but also the documentation and drawings that create them. So, EPC's, engineering and construction firms need software that not only helps them meet the rigorous specifications of the current project but also affords the confidence and capabilities to take on the next, larger, and more complex project to help grow their business.

So what's the point?

If you're looking to invest in an EDMS that will help you today, you should also consider what you'll need to be successful tomorrow.




Technical Documentation Control Starts With a Customizable EDMS

Your projects can not be completed with a “one-size-fits-all” approach, which is why the EDMS you use shouldn’t treat your team with that approach either.

You’ve likely heard of scenarios in which either a company overpaid for technical documentation software which provided more tools or active users than it presently needed or one where a company—after securing a new project contract—finds its existing system vastly insufficient and unable to tackle the task-at-hand without a significant and costly upgrade. Having an EDMS that scales with your business would prevent these scenarios from occurring.

Here’s how:


Expansive Usage

Technical document software is supposed to work for the user, not the user for the software. A scalable EDMS does not require you to conform to its limited functionality but is adaptable to the needs of your work.

As such, relational data can have its parameters expanded as the needs of your projects change. And, workflows can be configured to meet specific requirements on a project by project basis, not standardized at an administrative level that creates more and more inefficiencies over time.


Multilateral Updates

Any given project will likely need the same content produced into various file types.

For example, while a document that may need to be a Word file internally, it will likely need to be a PDF in the hands of the client. It is a pain and waste of time doing this manually when your EDMS is too limited.

The more hands and eyes on a project, the more likely it is that a document will need to be accessed by various forms of technical documentation software (both desktop and mobile). When parameters are updated, you want them adjusted across the board.

A scalable EDMS will push these revisions to your many different files rather than changing each one individually or allowing one document to be stuck on an old version.


Compatibility and Integration

As your project scales up, so will the various programs in use.

A scalable EDMS will allow for the exportation of data to third-parties and even be compatible with the more common software systems such as Primavera and Safron. The last thing you need is for work done with one interface to be wholly incompatible with another.

When it comes to the vast benefits of expansive usage, multilateral updates, enhanced capabilities, and efficient integration, it’s easy to see why a highly functioning EDMS is crucial to your company’s success now and into the future. 


Scale Your Business with the Industry’s Most Trusted EDMS

If you’re ready to gain total control of your technical documentation while scaling your business, consider Proenco’s EDMS, called Proarc.

Proarc was created to meet the needs of companies where they are currently, but with the flexibility and scalability to grow with them. As you seek an EDMS solution that provides your company with the right amount of capabilities now with the capacity to expand alongside your potential, Proarc is your answer!

To see how this solution can work for your team, request a demo or information packet.

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